VBoxManage showvminfoコマンド



VBoxManage showvminfo       <uuid>|<name> [--details]
VBoxManage showvminfo       <uuid>|<name> --log <idx>

これは「VBoxManage.exe list vms --long」と同じです。


>VBoxManage.exe showvminfo CentOS | more
Oracle VM VirtualBox Command Line Management Interface Version 3.2.12
(C) 2005-2010 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.

Name:            CentOS
Guest OS:        Other Linux
UUID:            5d722898-e722-4d24-87da-00f337d81a99
Config file:     C:\Users\toshikazu\.VirtualBox\Machines\CentOS\CentOS.xml
Hardware UUID:   5d722898-e722-4d24-87da-00f337d81a99
Memory size:     512MB
Page Fusion:     off
VRAM size:       32MB
HPET:            off
Number of CPUs:  1
Synthetic Cpu:   off
CPUID overrides: None
Boot menu mode:  message and menu
Boot Device (1): Floppy
Boot Device (2): DVD
Boot Device (3): HardDisk
Boot Device (4): Not Assigned
ACPI:            on
IOAPIC:          on
PAE:             on
Time offset:     0 ms